opferanode24.de – instant B2C selling of sacrificial anodes

The Breuckmann foundry has been casting both zinc and aluminium-magnesium anodes for more than ten years. We differ from other anode producers because we use the purest raw materials that do not contain toxic substances. Our sacrificial anodes offer the best possible protection against corrosion and at the same time protect the environment. Since 2017, we sell anodes via our own online shop www.opferanode24.de to our customers. Now customers can order high-quality anodes in various forms, round the clock, directly and quickly. This eliminates intermediaries, so that we can offer our customers an unbeatable price / performance ratio. We value the direct customer contact. If you have questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact our service hotline or write us an e-mail. In case you see our sacrificial anodes car in one of your ports, you can also contact us personally. It would be our pleasure.

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