Hull anodes, disk anodes and co. There is something suitable for you in every shape and size

There are sacrificial anodes in various forms and sizes. The best known ones are: wave anodes (-rings), block anodes, fuselage anodes, propeller anodes, anvil anodes, awnings, trunks, cap nuts, one-, two- or even three-hole anode hats. These names are dependent on the shape of the sacrificial anode and the shape of the object to be protected, for which the sacrificial anode is provided. The third component in the choice of the right anode is the type of water , because different types of water have  different aggression potentials . In our onlineshop we try to offer the optimal sacrificial anode for every type of boat and every type of water. If, however, the appropriate sacrificial anode is not listed in our extensive assortment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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