Environmentally friendly zinc anodes

Already Charles Darwin has stated “Everything that is against nature, has in the long run no existence.”

We took this saying to heart. We -at BoatAnode24.com- use only the purest raw materials according to EN 1179 Z1 for the production of our zinc anodes. Compared to other manufacturers we minimize the environmental impact.

There are the following advantages for the anodes of Opferanode24.de:

  • Cd content: 25 times lower
  • Pb content: 2 times lower
  • Cu content: 5 times lower
  • Fe content: 3 times lower

The high purity of the zinc also improves the protective effect and longevity of the anode.

In addition we try to use sustainable raw materials when packaging.

Through direct online sales from our own foundry, we also achieve attractive prices for our customers.

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