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Behind the scenes at always uses reliable, functional and additionally environmentally friendly materials. That is why a maximum protection against corrosion belongs to our standards. The most important component of production of our sacrificial anodes is the selection of the raw materials used. In the picture you see the raw material for our aluminum anodes. This kind of […]

Any questions left? – We would love to be your partner to answer them

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We try to make our online shop as informative as possible. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the exact description of our various sacrificial anodes. For your boat, we have a wide range of sacrificial anodes which are suitable for both […]

Hull anodes, disk anodes and co. There is something suitable for you in every shape and size

There are sacrificial anodes in various forms and sizes. The best known ones are: wave anodes (-rings), block anodes, fuselage anodes, propeller anodes, anvil anodes, awnings, trunks, cap nuts, one-, two- or even three-hole anode hats. These names are dependent on the shape of the sacrificial anode and the shape of the object to be […]

Another anode leaves our in-house foundry in Germany

And once again a delivery leaves our factory warehouse. Our high-quality sacrificial anodes made of zinc and aluminium-magnesium can be easliy ordered in our onlineshop around the clock. To protect your boat from corrosion, we offer you a selection of 700 different sacrificial anodes. You receive the delivery directly from our in-house foundry to your […] – instant B2C selling of sacrificial anodes

The Breuckmann foundry has been casting both zinc and aluminium-magnesium anodes for more than ten years. We differ from other anode producers because we use the purest raw materials that do not contain toxic substances. Our sacrificial anodes offer the best possible protection against corrosion and at the same time protect the environment. Since 2017, […]

Andy- Anode casting at its best

Andy has 20 years experience in casting. For ten years he casts anodes at Andy: what is the difference between casting Aluminium Anodes and Zinc Anodes? “Aluminium has a higher meltig temperature (approx. 700°C) than Zinc (approx. 400°C). This makes the smelting of the Material and the casting process itself more difficult. And of […]