Delivery / Delivery times

How long does the delivery take if the anodes are out of stock?

Anodes that are out of stock will be usually delivered within 3-4 weeks.

How long does the delivery take if the anodes are in stock?

We deliver via DHL Courier Service which means a usual delivery time of 2-3 days.

Is it possible to order an anode using express delivery?

Yes, it is possible for on stock anodes. However, we do not offer express delivery for out of stock anodes and custom made anodes. If you would like to choose express delivery, please talk to our Customer Service team before ordering:


How do I install the anodes onto my boat?

Clean the area where you would like to place your anode thoroughly, for that you can use a wire brush or you can lightly sand the dirt off. After that you can either screw or weld on the anodes.

Should I screw or weld the anodes onto my boat?

We recommend to screw on the Anodes. We manufacture anodes with steel lugs that have specific hole spacings. If you decide to weld your anode, we would be happy to manufacture the anodes with aluminium lugs to ease the welding process. However, anodes with aluminium lugs count as custom manufactured products extending our delivery times.

Can I paint over the anodes?

No, the anodes loose their electric conductivity and cannot protect your boat as soon as you cover them with paint.


What are sacrificial anodes?

See: General Term Declaration

Which material do I need?

The material you need depends on the type of water you sail in:
In fresh water you need to use aluminium anodes.
In brackish or salt water you need to use anodes made from zinc.

I have an aluminium hull and I sail in salt and/or brackish water. Which material do I need?

When you sail with an aluminium boat through any kind of water, you should use aluminium anodes. Your boat is made from a special aluminium alloy that allows you to sail in water and our anodes are made from an unique aluminium alloy that makes sure that the anodes dissolve and scarify themselves for your boat.

How often should I change / replace my anodes?

You only need to change your anodes once they have lost 50% of their original weight. Our recommendation is however to change / replace the anodes every year.

What is your returns policy?

As long as the anodes were not used or installed on your boat yet, we will refund or exchange them, if you are not 100% happy. However, before you want to return your order, please contact us first:

How many anodes do I need on my boat?

Customised Manufacturing

Do you manufacture custom anodes for my needs?

Yes. We would be happy to manufacture anodes with unique hole spacing, custom screw threads or lugs for your needs. The delivery time for custom anodes is 5-6 weeks.

Can I return my custom anodes?

Unfortunately not, because custom anodes do not have standard dimensions that we can stock after your return or resell to other customers.

Further Questions

What is special about the anodes of

Functionality and Reliability

As for instance, we produce our zinc anodes only by using a maximum zinc content in oder to optimise the anodic protection of our products. Regarding the implementation of such a high zinc content, we developed an own casting method, as the conventional production of sacrificial anodes does not work by applying die casting on technically pure zinc (Zn99,995). Our sacrificial anodes made of an aluminum-indium alloy (AlZn5In) have an increased efficiency and therefore provide optimal protection in brackish and fresh water. The indium ensures that the anode surface doesn’t passivate and thus remain reactive in use.


Furthermore we minimise – as opposed to other producers – the usage of poisonous substances such as lead and cadmium. When sacrificial anode disaggregate, poisonous substances get into our ecological cycle and end up in nature. Hence, we reduce pollution, which you can take from the table below. There we compare zinc used by (EN 1179 Z1) with zinc used by other producers (US MIL SPEC. A 18001K):

The following advantages can be derived for

Cd-Content: 25 times less
Pb-Content: 2 times less
Cu-Content: 5 times less
Fe-Content: 3 times less

Can I return used anodes?

Yes, you can send used anodes to us at your expense or return them to us by visit. We take care of environmentally friendly recycling.